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Published: 23rd November 2011
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Am I the only one that finds it interesting that this was the royal couple's first trip to the United States and all Americans could talk about was how Catherine dressed? It's as if we adults are just as captivated with the whole concept of royalty as we did when we were children. As a result, we focused on the extravagance of what they were wearing rather than on what they were in the United States to accomplish.

Instead of America reading details about the charities that Prince William and Princess Catherine visited, and concentrating on what they were really here to accomplish (which was to bolster US and UK relationships and promote specific charities and philanthropy in general), the press tossed aside those goals and instead scrutinized every move that the couple made and examined every outfit worn. It was reported that Catherine brought over 40 different outfits to choose from. And with 40 different outfits, she still wore the same jeans three times - the horror! This was Princess Catherine's first time in the US and she is entitled to have fun, enjoy her visit and explore the country, but we seem to have completely overlooked the real reasons why they came here in the first place.

Most people are a bit confused as to why Prince William and Princess Catherine were in the US, or perhaps they really don't care and are just interested in the superficial like wardrobes and the excitement surrounding the new royal couple. Since we don't have "royalty" in the United States it seems that Americans are captivated with the idea of hosting actual royalty and are caught up in the fairytale aspect of it all and forget that the royal couple in fact came here for specific reasons. Well, since you probably haven't heard too much about the actual trip, we've decided to give you a few particulars of their itinerary.

Prince William and Princess Catherine started their trip at a technology summit in Beverly Hills that discussed the encouraging US investment in British technology firms. The event was formed to help assist and advance Tech City in London which is the UK's equivalent to Silicon Valley in the US. But instead of hearing about the details of the summit and what they discussed it was more important for us to learn about where the newlyweds were staying and who accompanied them on the trip. It turns out that Prince William and Princess Catherine were quite prepared for their trip and wanted to make it a point to keep their entourage to a minimum. Princess Catherine brought her hairdresser who was also integral in helping her with her wardrobe as well.

The Santa Barabara charity polo event was the most influential event that Prince William and Catherine attended while in America. Prince William played in this polo match where VIP tickets to the match sold for $4,000 each. The royal couple was there to endorse the Foundation of Prince William and Prince Harry and to advocate for support from the Americans for their causes. In earlier traditions it was typically Princess Diana who would hand the winners of the match their trophy, but this year it was Princess Catherine. The royal couple also visited Inner-City Arts in Skid Row Los Angeles where they were introduced to a program that assists low income and homeless children through the medium of art. Princess Catherine is said to have had a strong interest in this subject matter since she is a great supporter of the arts and is interested in studying its effects in helping children. The media should have highlighted these aspects of their trip but instead turned it into another Hollywood spectacle and pure entertainment.

One of the most talked about events that the royal couple attended was the BAFTA (British Academy of Film and Television Arts) which Prince William happens to be the President of. Prince William spoke at this event highlighting up-and-coming British talent and establishing an alliance between Hollywood and emerging British actors. This was a red carpet affair which is something that the US is always interested in, so it was even more special that the royal couple was here to take part in this gala. This event and the press surrounding it had the potential to bring attention to new British actors, but instead Princess Catherine's Alexander McQueen dress stole the show, and was on the cover of multiple publications. Are our priorities out of whack?

In case you weren't aware, the royal couple's trip to the US consisted only of a visit to the state of California. Is it possible that the royal newlyweds got a good feel for the US with this one state visit, or could we say that their travels to the US was in fact just a trip to unrealistic US fantasy land? California seems like the perfect place for actual royalty to visit because in the United States we treat our celebrities like royalty, and Prince William and Princess Catherine is one of the first royal couples to actually combine celebrity status with royalty. In fact, they may be the most famous couple in the world... royalty set aside. As one guest at the gala quipped "They're bigger than stars!" Well of course they are. They're royalty! We all had heard that they came to the United States for a visit, but was it clear what they were here to accomplish, or did we turn away from those goals and focus on the superficial and all of the hype they create? A lot of good and positive publicity could have gone toward great causes that our country has to offer with their visit. Maybe next time they come to the US they will see more than just California and hopefully their agenda won't be clouded by their majestic presence. The only catch is, Princess Catherine better not have a "what was she thinking?" fashion moment or this country will eat her alive.

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