How to Create a Fabulous Fancy Nancy Dress Up Trunk

Published: 05th December 2011
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Does your little girl want to dress like Fancy Nancy? If so, you might be wondering, what does that look like? What pieces should I purchase? What dress up clothes would make my little girl look like that "blinged out" little fashionista Nancy Clancy who was made famous by Jane O'Connor, the author of the Fancy Nancy book series?

Nancy is well-known for her unique dress up style, which might appear difficult to imitate by some. So we are going to present you with general guidelines for building a Fancy Nancy dress up trunk filled with fun and frilly dress up clothes just like what Fancy Nancy would wear. The first rule when creating a Fancy Nancy dress up trunk is this: nothing should match. Rule number two: everything should have either feathers, marabou, jewels or ribbons decorating it. The more blinged out the clothes and accessories, the better! And finally, the boas. There are never too many boas. Plenty marabou and feather boas of all colors is the Number 3 most important rule for dressing like Fancy Nancy.

For those that are well-acquainted with Fancy Nancy, you are probably well aware that she is infatuated with butterflies. Choosing dress up clothes and accessories that include butterflies would be a great addition to your dress up trunk. Possible items to include are: butterfly slide dress up shoes, butterfly sunglasses, butterfly tiaras and of course butterfly wings.

What would Nancy wear on her head? Well, a Fancy Nancy fashion look-a-like requires a magnificent pair of sunglasses. Fancy Nancy enjoys butterfly or cat-eye sunglasses. On top of her head, the number one accessory must be a beautiful jeweled golden tiara. Nancy has multiple hair accessories on at all times. Jeweled and marabou tiaras, big butterfly or flower hair clips, headbands with big bobbly stars or butterflies springing off of them are all great choices. Finally, a georgous big floppy brimmed hat decorated with marabou or silk flowers is the final head accessory for your Fancy Nancy trunk.

Moving on to the Fancy Nancy dress up clothes, Nancy is known for her unique style of paring leotards, tutus and lacey leggings. One of the most distinguishable outfits worn by Nancy is her cow print leotard paired with a purple satin poodle skirt. Trying to match this unique outfit for your dress up trunk will be tricky unless you choose to purchase a licensed Fancy Nancy dress up costume made by one of the large toy manufacturers. But locating this exact costumes isn't necessary for a great dress up ensemble. A cow print leotard will be very difficult if not impossible to find, so we suggest just selecting a pretty sequined spaghetti strap leotard and pairing it with a poodle skirt. Complement your Fancy Nancy dress up trunk with lots of frilly tulle and ribbon tutus. Nancy enjoys wearing Capri length leggings complete with frilly fringe on the bottom. If you can't find suitable leggings, you can complete the look with fun and bright leggings, which are also a preferred item for our favorite pint-sized fashion plate.

How would Fancy Nancy outfit her feet? Ballet slippers are always a great choice for Nancy along with a pair of extra large, extra tall heels. You can select a pair of marabou dress up slides that are slightly larger than her foot. Generally speaking, dress up slides are quite stable for little girls to wear, even when wearing a size or two too big. For bedtime, Nancy loves her extra fluffy, extra puffy slippers.

Fancy Nancy has her own dress up style, which little girls just love to imitate. With just a little inspiration you can create a magnificient Fancy Nancy dress up trunk for your pint-sized diva that is sure to provide her and her friends with oodles of dress up fun.

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